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The dictionary defines core as “the central or most important part of anything”, this includes our physical bodies. When we engage in any sporting activity, be it golf, tennis or bungie jumping, core muscles are an essential part of the game. The better shape they are in the better we will play.

Pilates focuses on the core muscles incorporating the abdomen, pelvic, lower back and scapula regions – known as the body’s power house. Any sport performed with these regions tense, incorrectly positioned or with inactive, weak or strained muscles will reduce the performance of the athlete and possibly increase the risk of injury.

In any sport, where we are using the muscles in our bodies the core muscles properly engaged will assist in maximising the game as well as greatly reducing the risk of and often preventing injury.

One of the unique benefits of Pilates is that it not only strengthens our muscles but it also lengthens them, reducing the tension and strain experienced after strenuous exercise. Probably one of the many reasons most sports professionals are incorporating Pilates into their regular training programs!!

Pilates & Pregnancy

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Although there is no scientific evidence to prove Pilates assists in shortening labour an recovery time, it is well acknowledged that women who participate in this form of exercise during their pregnancy, have shorter, less painful deliveries and are up and about quicker than those who don’t.  Effective working of core and pelvic floor muscles assure this.

Weak upper back muscles can cause many challenges in the average individual, these are heightened in pregnancy, Pilates incorporates upper back exercises into its program to strengthen these muscles and improve posture.

Pilates is an ideal form of exercise to engage in before, during and after pregnancy. It is gentle yet challenging, relaxing and very effective. It will boost energy levels and release endorphins, which will increase your feeling of well being. Deep abdominal breathing will not only relax the mother but will ensure adequate oxygen and nutrients are being delivered to baby.

One of the natural results of pregnancy is a shift in the centre of gravity as the expanding abdomen causes an increase in the curve of the spine. This can cause increased lower back discomfort and possibly increased tension in the neck and shoulders. Pilates focuses on balancing muscular activity and maintaining muscular endurance to help prevent injuries associated with these changes.

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Sports & Pregnancy

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Pilates For Life Ireland provides Certified STOTT Pilates which has many benefits including benefits for people with sports injuries and ladies who want to get the most from their pregnancy.


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