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I’ve been going to Linda for Pilates for a couple of years.  As I have a history of a lower back injury, I was very nervous at first about doing exercise that might put a strain on my back.  I needn’t have worried. The classes are always small and Linda is very attentive to everyone in the class doing the exercises correctly to avoid injury and she explains why an exercise has to be done a particular way, and which muscles it’s intended to target.  She’s a great encourager and keeps the classes friendly and fun while still challenging.  I wasn’t fit or flexible when I started, but Linda put me at ease from the start and her classes have been very effective in strengthening my core, helping to support my back and improve my flexibility.


I started attending Linda’s Pilates classes just almost three years ago.  I have found it to be hugely beneficial, particularly for addressing such issues as achy back, stiff neck & shoulders and general fatigue & fuzzy headedness! Linda’s attention to detail is always reassuring. She is wonderful at finding the right balance at encouraging & pushing the participants just that little bit extra so that we get the maximum benefit out of the stretches & exercises.  Her thorough knowledge of anatomy & physiology, not to mention nutrition has always meant that I usually come away from the classes a little wiser in how to really take care of myself & my family. 

At the end of each Pilates session, l feel refreshed & energised. It really is hard to best that feeling of wellbeing.  I know it has improved my posture, stamina & mood. If you are undecided about joining a Pilates class, I would have no hesitation recommending Linda as an experienced, sensitive & capable teacher.


I have known Linda since August 2012 when I had my first ever Pilates class. I took it up at the time to help with some problems after my 2nd pregnancy (tiredness, weak core, lower back pain). Not only after just six sessions did I feel stronger and more aware of my posture and body, but my back pain was minimal, my energy levels had really improved and my core muscles got stronger. Through all these years, Linda’s classes helped with my recovery after breaking my Achille’s tendon, and most recently it helped me dealing with perimenopause symptoms and anxiety. She also has a very personal and motivational way with her clients that makes you feel comfortable and excited to come back for the next session and I can‘t thank her enough for all her support during these years and kind friendship she has given me over this time.


For a long time now (since 2006) I have been enjoying Linda’s pilates class. Linda is a dedicated, knowledgeable teacher.

The class is focused and my strength and endurance have really benefited over the years. We have a lot of fun too so I look forward to pilates. My core muscles were completely weak after childbirth, this resulted in me having continued back pain. The pilates work ahs built up my core strength and strengthened my back muscles.

I would highly recommend Linda’s pilates class to anyone.tinued back pain.



I’ve been doing Pilates for a few years now and am delighted that it has definitely helped to improve my core muscles and to increase my flexibility.  Those were the benefits I was hoping for.  However the best and most unexpected benefit has been that no matter how I am feeling going into a class, by the end of the class I’m also in a great mood!


I’ve been doing Pilates for a few years now and am delighted that it has definitely helped to improve my core muscles and to increase my flexibility.  Those were the benefits I was hoping for.  However the best and most unexpected benefit has been that no matter how I am feeling going into a class, by the end of the class I’m also in a great mood!

Colette C

I started doing Pilates for the first time with Linda, although I would consider myself fit I thought they would be too slow, I was able to work my back core muscles, as I don’t have the flexibility on my back these classes did just that. The class allows you focus on muscles that need strengthening, it made me aware if my own posture, I felt it was a relaxing way to exercise, to learn more about my body what way to sit, stand and exercise. What I have learned I will be able to continue to use it within my exercise regime.


I gained five stone during my second pregnancy and retired from all forms of exercise, when normally being quite an active person. A client of mine recommended Linda and I went along to the classes, very unfit, weak, and no longer able to even touch my toes.

I found Pilates fabulous in not only helping me to regain my figure but also getting back strength and flexibility in my whole body. I also find the classes great for relaxing and getting rid of stress and have recommended it to many friends and clients.


Pilates was suggested to me as a great way to regain movement following surgery and to maintain general flexibility. I have been attending classes with Linda for almost 3 years now and have found Pilates very beneficial and very enjoyable. It helped me tone up lots too!





I would highly recommend Pilates with Linda to anyone wishing to improve mobility and tone up in a relaxed, friendly and encouraging environment.


I have been attending Pilates with Linda de Courcy for the past 3 months. During that time I have seen a considerable improvement in back pain, increased mobility in my joints and improved body tone particularly in the stomach area.
During a recent holiday, it was great to receive comments on how toned my stomach was in comparison to last year and the only difference was the Pilates classes. The classes are great for de-stressing and are also fun which I think is important when exercising. I also find I can do exercises which I could never do before to tone my stomach because of my back and this in itself is good for my self esteem.
All in all, the benefits I have gained in such a short time doing Pilates are fantastic and this is all down to Linda who is an incredible instructor.


The benefits I have gained from Pilates:
Well first and foremost its good fun and anyone can do it.
I think it was encouraging to be able to start an exercise class without having to worry about how unfit I am.
I do have a problem with my hip and have I benefited a lot from the class, I have less pain, it is my understanding this is because my posture and core strength is better hence supporting my hip.


Pilates is great as part of a weight loss program, as it really helps in toning the body – especially the tummy area.  My joints have also loosened up and feel especially good straight after the class.  It revitalises my tired muscles, a great therapeutic workout!


I’m really enjoying the Pilates and find it a very gently exercise.  I’ve got disc problems and therefore have to be selective as to the form of exercise I can take. I attend a chiropractor who suggested to me that Pilates would be a wonderful form of toning my tummy muscles and in result my back would improve.
As I’ve only been in your class a short time it’s far too early yet to see a big improvement but I must say that I’ve no discomfort after the exercises and I can see that long term it will definitely be beneficial to me as the exercises are working on the areas where I most need urgent attention!!
It’s nice too being part of a class where the numbers are smaller.


Pilates restores and realigns my body through exercise; easing and strengthening my muscles.  It reminds me to breathe properly and fully, probably for the first time during the day and the difference is noticeable.  The class is welcoming and supportive, and easy to participate in. Also, when taking off or landing in an aeroplane, I find it good to use the muscle control and steady breathing learnt at Pilates to reduce the force of the flight.


I love going to Linda’s classes. She is kind and patient yet she pushes me on when I need to. I like the small groups and the attention she gives. She really breaks pilates down so that you can master a move at your own level. Highly recommended.


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